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I am a Transformational Coach and Teacher who specializes in helping women to see their lives in a new way, then assists them in developing their inner wisdom so they can step into their power and create a better life.

My zone of genius, if you will, is helping women to see the thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that that have about their life and/or the world in a way that "turns it on its head", meaning it allows them to see their life in a completely different way.   

My background is quite eclectic.  I have a degree in accounting, so there is a part of me that is very analytical and practical.  About 20 years ago, I realized that I could see and hear people's angels, so I started to do angel readings.  I continued doing readings for many years, eventually evolving into Soul Contract readings where I focused on helping my clients understand why they faced certain challenges in this lifetime and what they were meant to learn from them.

However, I eventually realized that my true passion, the one thing that came through in every session I did, was my ability to help people understand the way that they viewed their challenges, including their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about those challenges, in a way that was very different from the way they had been taught to look at life.

As a result, I now focus on working with clients using what I call Transformational Coaching.

Included in the Transformational Coaching that I do is a wonderful, effective process where we focus on helping you to release the energetic component of the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that do not serve you.  This is very gentle work that can create profound and lasting change.

In addition, I am a licensed Art of Feminine Presence Teacher.  This is some of the most powerful work I have ever come across for helping women to connect with their body, stay present, and increase their personal vibrancy and magnetism.  I offer this, as well as other tools and techniques, to help my clients become more in touch with their inner self.    

Please view my Services page for a complete listing of the services that I provide.

I have also included in this website a list of testimonials I have received from people that I have worked with.  Please take a look at these comments.  I am humbled and blessed to have this work touch people in such powerful, sometimes dramatic ways.

Many blessings,

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